How to switch between "view all" and "view selected" properly ?

I know , there is “home” button but it’s working the way the whole scene looks from far far away. Is there something to frame only visible objects or maybe just a part of the scene around selected object?

“/” key on numpad gets you into local view.

Thanks for the help. It solves the problem to some extent but still requires to do redundant clicks to select and unselect constantly . Hoped for some adjustments of how far away “home” button work

I’m not sure exactly what you’re after. Maybe the numpad-dot key function?

I use dot key constantly. “Dot” is focusing on a selected component , a vertex for example . Then, if I need to switch to wider view, I have to hit tab , select a group of close objects , then hit dot again. It’s redundant clicks imo. Same as selecting objects and hit “/”

I am looking for more effective way. “Previous view” maybe , or just a way “home” or some other button would frame not a whole scene but rather current object + a few around, childrens or parent one for example , not only current object

Hi, there are two settings in User Preferences > Interface may help:

  1. Rotate Around Selection
  2. Zoom to Mouse Position
    I often use Num Pad 0 = Camera View > than zoom/select rotate

Cheers, mib