how to switch objects in game mode

i am not sure how to do this but i want to have my character holding a lantern in his hand then when i click a mouse button i want to have it change to were you just see both his hands how can i do that

You mean something like weapon switching in an FPS? This should give you an idea.

Parent two cameras to your characters armature and place them where you want them.Then put two keyboard sensors on your character armature both with unique letters connect both of them to a scene actuator and then set the scene actuators to set camera.Then type in the camera object box of both scene actuators which camera you want it to switch to.

yea i want it like a fps type thing were you can switch to different things

So did you watch the video? Did it work? It’s quite easy once you understand the general idea…

yea i watched it and it might work for what iam doing