How to switch to true sideview of an object?

I drew a teapot from a tutorial, went to top view, rotated it at a random degree, later I wanted to get an exact side view of that object. how can I do that so I can get a true side view to edit? The first time I tried it, I set some little icon to local then hit 3, the next time it would not work, (not sure why it won’t replicate behavior) how can I align an object back to “square” or “plumb” to a view?
Thanks much!
R.L. Hamm

Use Shift key while pressing number on the num-pad.
ie Shift+Num3 will align you to right hand side of selected object.

You can also do it with selections in edit mode but that is a bit unpredictable and lands you in some awkward rotations.

Wow, what a tip, I’ve never know that :rolleyes:

I also didn’t know, very very useful!
Thank you, Rhys!


That must be something added in the later versions, it doesn’t work in my 2.64 :c

I tested just now on 2.64 r51232, and it works.


That’s odd, it doesn’t work in my unmodified version of 2.64 r51232 :S

And my modified version of 2.64 is r52207 but that could just be my custom keymap screwing it up.

EDIT: It works for me in 2.68

Awesome, thanks!

When rotating your view(not sure of the correct term), if you hold down Alt, it will snap to side,top, bottom, front, whicher your closest to, it even does snaps to 45’ angles. :slight_smile: I beleive its the same as ZBrush.

Hmm… I’m a little confused. In object mode, isn’t Shift + Num3 the same as Num3 -> Num5 (right view in perspective)?

In edit mode, Shift + Num1/3 is like Ctrl + Num1/3 (back and left respectively) but upside down, and in perspective. Shift + Num7 is like Ctrl + Num7 -> Num5 (bottom in perspective).

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Two separate view features are getting mixed up here I think.

(Global) View and Align View to Selected. Look in the view menu.


That is a great tip, thanks!