How to sync background images to all 3D viewports perfectly?

I have taken photos from all views. Bottom, Top, Side, Back, Front etc. I have set the same size on all pictures. At first it seems to be working. But a bit later everything is messed up. When I am about to make rounded shapes in different angles, they do not match up from the other viewports etc. This is so frustrating and it sucks that you can’t resize the background images horizontally/vertically in the N-panel.

I have now spent several hours just to make a remote control and I can say it is way easier for me to make it without any images because of this problem. Is there any easy solution to this?

You should probably link the blend file then I may be able to help you.

I deleted it. I think the problem might be with the images. Are there any good tutorials how to make a perfect blueprint of stuff?

you CAN resize / reposition background images in the N panel.


You can’t resize vertically and horisontally individually. So no.

you could open it in photoshop and add each image to separate layers, and scetch on another layer to see how wrong they are, and make changes from there before importing them into blender.

can you upload some pictures and show the problems!

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[Add-on] Workaround:
File Import > Images as Planes

his issue is not the aspect ratio, its that it looks different in front than it does in side view. common issue when working with referances.

see if this help

there is also a CGcookie video
but don’t have the link !

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Going to try that! Thanks.

Here is some pictures. These are different resolutions though. When I had same resolution it never fitted. If I had more free time I guess I could come up with some solutions maybe. I have went through this before and it ended up with me making the model without the background images.

Your link did not work.


Perspective will be a problem for you, so if it does not match perfectly with the referance, then just eyeball it and go for whatever looks best in the viewport.

here are two referance images i made for you based off of those images.
pick witchever you prefer.
Happy Blending!


i just realized that the front view is off, and i dont think you can get that one correct due to perspective issues. at least i dont know how, so dont use that as background referance, just have it next to you when modelling so you get the correct rough shape, and work off top and side view.

if you take photos then you must make certain you keep same distance and angles for all photo
and not always easy to do without a good set up!

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here is another way to set up 3D images in viewport with planes

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Thank you guys! I managed to get things working now.