How to synchronize image texture with displacement modifier texture

I can use an image texture for an object that’s UV’d, map it etc. Then I can use a B&W image of the SAME texture to use in the displace modifier. Problem arises when the two aren’t positioned in exactly the same place. So the high and low parts of the displaced geometry doesn’t match the image texture on the object. For example maybe a wooden sign with raised letters (carved?) and letters painted red or some color. But the parts that are raised by the displace modifier don’t line up with the red letters. And it’s almost impossible to see the texture on the UV image editor because you need a lot of vertices for the displace modifier to work, and they all have to be selected in edit mode to map the image, but all you can see are all the orange lines in the UV image editor window. Unless there’s an easy way that I’m missing, it’s not easy.

Why not use a subsurface modifier before the displace then assign a vertex group on your low poly mesh assign the displace to that vertex group. Then adjust the low poly mesh until they line up.

Not sure I understand completely but I do use a subsurf modifier first. I have never used a vertex group that way, but I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

Why not reduce the poly count on your mesh to make it easier to handle.
Then crank up the subdivision surf modifier.
You can make a low poly duplicate of your mesh by creating a box with minimal poly count then use the shrinkwrap modifier on it with a low offset.
This will give you a low poly base then just let the subdivision surf+displace modifiers do the detail.


You do set Texture coordinates to Uv in Displace modifier Texture coordinates - Box…Right…?

Show us a picture…Or better a Blend file…:slight_smile:


Yes. Set to UV coordinates