How to tattoo a 2d mesh to a mesh

I want to add the 2d mesh in the red circle to the 3d mesh. Not joining the objects but kinda tattooing the 2d onto the 3d. Like i want it to be on the 3d surface like a sticker. So i guess it is joining the objects but not in the normal way its done.

Shrinkwrap modifier, friend.

Shrinkwrap modifier.

I tried this and got this:

You can try enabling face snapping, project onto objects. Both in the 3dview header. The reason I didn’t suggest this at first is that the modifier has a nicer offset capability to hover the object just above the target. It might take some trial and error to get it to work. Id you post the file be happy to take a look.

For some reason it wont upload my blend file. Its only like 2MB. But what is face snapping?

Upload here. Search ‘retopology’ for face snapping. not sure if i uploaded it correctly

There are some issues with the topology. The shark is all tris, and will not susbsurf well. The sticker is an n-gon with a 456 verts, a converted nurbs path. I’ll forget the shark for now. N-gons are generally avoided, they can be used but only when the face formed will be perfectly (or very nearly) planar, or flat. You want to deform the sticker so that it curves around the contours of the shark. An n-gon is a bad choice for that. You will need quad (faces with four sides) topology for that. After you retopo the sticker move it very close to where you want it on the shark and use the shrinkwrap modifer with a small (.03) offset, or use the snapping tools to snap it to the faces.

your main problem was that there was unapplied scale and rotation on both object and target! your secondary problem was that the object you were shrinking to the surface was a large Ngon with no internal geometry. Since Blender works with vertices this causes muy problemos visually. Check out this file - I’ve made a total mess of that Ngon but it wraps nicely to the target which BTW needs a lot of work in terms of topology and vertex count.

Once it’s wrapped you can go into edit mode and work with it (press the last two buttons in the modifier panel) and drag it around and it will stay wrapped. There are a lot of options in the modifier panel - check them out.

Edit: Curse you, Red Photox, says the WW1 fighter ace…

wow thanks thats exactly what i wanted! Lol Ill look more into shrinkwrap. Also i have this other problem where Blender closes itself for no reason sometimes. idk what i do to make it do this but i would look at the Cmd window and it would say this every time b4 it crashes:

I asked this awhile back but no one replied back to me i got you here now so i figure maybe u might have some ideas?

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