How to teleport a character from a place to another.

i was wondering how can you teleport your character from a place to another in the same scene

You could use simple motion for simple teleports.
Download Example. [PasteAll]

Or there’s this for Portals…

thank you i will let you know if it works

Ha ha ha, that’s a genius use of simple motion! (Much better than(“then” in forumese) it’s intended use I think)

This is its intended use. For real-life motion use linear velocity or force or the servo movement.

Yeah, I saw a request for the above YouTube tutorial and I thought… why not use simple motion? :slight_smile: A lot easier than all that Python!

thank you guys for sharing your ideas , but really i was surprised the guy of the tutorial was really smart

He’s a user here, his name is Goran Milovano (I hope I got that right). He has a website where you can suggest tutorials and they get voted up or down.

thank you very much for the information.