How to texture a barrel?


I’m making an oil barrel for my Project and I don’t know how to texture it :frowning: (last time I tried i failed really badly)… How could I do it? All tips etc. are apreciated :cool:!

An oil barrel… Like these?

Oil Barrel.blend (611 KB) Sorry I forgot to put the .blend file. And yes an oil barrel

What I meant was: The tutorial I linked to shows how to texture a barrel…:wink:

Oopsss… Sorry :o

What I would probably do, is to more-or-less do what the owners of a real metal barrel would do. After constructing the model, probably as a “spun curve,” is to texture-paint it. (In other words, spray- paint it.) Do an automatic UV-mapping of the thing, then grab a big fat spray-gun and go to town. I’d do the barrel first, then the top lid, then the band that holds the top on … modeling each of these as separate objects.

And as to how much time I would spend in this endeavor, it would entirely depend on the shot(s) in which the barrels appear. But, probably, “not much.” You probably don’t want barrels to attract much attention to themselves, and there’s no reason why barrels in a warehouse can’t be relatively clean. (Just rotate them at various random positions around the Y-axis.) The manufacturer of the barrel probably gave it a nice, flat, base-coat of some grayish neutral color, then probably stenciled some text on it or slapped-on a label. The warehousemen probably then took reasonable care of it, and might well have not “banged it up” at all in the ordinary act of handling. (They probably also make it their business to sweep the floor.)

Some CG environments are, frankly, “improbably grimy.” Frankly, to the point of “grime” being “visual pastiche.”