How to texture a dog?

I made a dog in blender and I’ve been trying to texture it for a couple weeks now with no success. I’ve been having trouble unwrapping the dog because it’s complex and I keep getting stretches and bad unwrappings. I tried using seams but failed at that because I don’t really know how to use them. Does anyone know of a way I can successfully texture the dog either by unwrapping it a correct way or if there’s a way to paint the texture right on. If anyone has any tips on seams and unwrapping or anything I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks!

look at the tshirt you are probably wearing right now. where does it have seams? these seams are optimized to fit 2dimensional fabric around a 3 dimensional body.
secondly: separate difficult areas - like the hands and feet, the head, the ears, the inner mouth - out completely by laying a ring of seems around the wrists, the ear, the neck, the inner part of the lips etc.

after cutting the body open like that you go into the (seperated) details. a dogs head is quite different from a human head but the same basic principles from this video should apply.

finally you should have a nicely unwrapped model and you can as a last step go in and remove some unneeded seams/ join parts back together

Thanks for some help :slight_smile: I’m doing a bit better with seams but still having some trouble with the paws since I’m not sure where the seams would go. Also the seam I put through the middle of the head is fine but the texture doesn’t go smoothly from one side to the next it’s just like a cut line. Does anyone know how to make it seamless?

You can always 3dpaint it to fix it. Most people do that or use their 2d art package. Another route would be to hide the seams in areas that aren’t visible.

Thanks for the info. Do you know of a tutorial where it shows how to 3d paint in blender? I haven’t used it in a while and I can’t remember. by 2d art package do you mean photoshop or something? Thanks.

with your uv layout ready, make sure, you add an new image and save it. then go into texture paint mode and draw away.