How to texture a Dragonfly ...

Good morning guys !

There is a problem i’m struggling with for a few days. I modeled a dragonfly and i want to give it some wings. These shiny, glossy & translucent with some structure. But the Problem is , anytime when i try it with alpha Channels or some one of both - the translucent wing colour or the structure - disappears. How do i solve this problem ?

by the way … there it is :wink:

greetings MissG

Just make an alpha texture of a wing manually. Not sure if you use Gimp, but in there you could just open up a transparent new, and in the brush dialogues there’s an option for Opacity. So do your outlines and veins and such with a good dark grey at something like 80% opacity, then fill in the rest with an off-white brush at 50% lets say. Save it as a .tga.

Add a rectangular plane in your scene, Add the texture with Extend and Use Alpha on. In Map To, have Alpha selected once and change Mix to Multiply. Then turn on Ztrans(Or Raytrans) in materials. Make sure anything that will recieve shadows from the wing has Trashadow turned on in it’s shaders.

sounds quite simple. Thank you. I’ll try it today when I finished several other things.

greets MissG