How to texture a high poly model?


I sculpted a dinosaur today, but now Im having trouble on doing the texture… when you have a high poly model, you texture it using UV Mapping? Isnt it a pain in the ***? Or have a better way to do it?

thanks very much!

ps: Screenshot from my model is attached


I probably can’t help.
What I would do is take a low poly model then unwrap that. After you unwrap it and everything looks good add a few mulires and sculpt it.
But I’ve noticed that you don’t have the option since you’re not using multires.

You can use texture painting, with the new projection painting it is very easy!

unwrapping a high poly model is not much harder then unwrapping a low poly one:

All you do is still the same: adding seams and unwrap it. The fact that there are numerous vertices does not change anything. The only thing you might consider is using proportinal editing ("o"key in uv.editor) more often because it might be inconvenient to push the single vertices around :wink:

Nice model Skulr3!!

Did you use multires for sculpting? If you did so, do you still have the lower levels available? If you do, go to the lowest level and unwrap there. If you don´t, you can do the Unwrapping and use proportional editing as zapman says, keep in mind that it may be a sluggish process…

Ctrl+V relaxes the UV mesh, that´s a nice tool.

Now, the good news is that with Blender 2.49 you don´t need to unwrap anymore (though I´d still recommend to do a nice unwrapping). With the new projection painting features, Blender can paint over the seams, so, you are able to paint over a messy UV such as the UV layout that would result of a ¨Lightmap UVPack¨.

So, you can Unwrap using the Lightmap option and start painting directly in the 3D viewport in a matter of seconds.
About the Lightmap options, set a rather high value for the margin, as projection painting works better when it is able to have more bleeding outside of the UV islands.

Also remember that you can use procedural node brushes now, so the possibilities are huge! Specially for painting the skin of scuh a character!

You have a few options:

  • Like zapman says, you can just unwrap normally. Shouldn’t be that much harder than a lower poly dino.

  • You could look into the retopo tools. With those, you can shave quite a few polys off your dino while making it better suited for rigging and texturing.

  • Finally, if you do an “auto-unwrap”, with smart projections or lightmap, you’ll stil be able to paint it in the 3D view. The resulting image won’t be as suited for editing in your image editing program, though, and you may need to use a higher resolution to get good results than with a decent manual unwrap.

ETA: Hehe, beaten to it…

Hey guys,

Thank you for the tips!!!

I forgot about the proportional editting :slight_smile: