How to Texture a Model Imported from SketchUp


I’m new to Blender.

I have imported into Blender an airplane model from SketchUp after exporting it from SketchUp as a .dae file. I have a .bmp image that contains the textures I would like to apply to the model. Is there a way to do that in Blender?

If I can do that, I will then be exporting the model as an .obj file and importing it into Phoenix Builder, which is a program for building models for use in the Phoenix Radio Control flight simulator program.

If someone can direct me to one or more tutorials that would show me how to do this, that would be great. Or let me know if what I want to do cannot be done.

Phoenix Builder accepts only .bmp files, not .jpg or .png. I’ve read somewhere that Blender uses only .jpg files. Is that correct?

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I’ve read somewhere that Blender uses only .jpg files. Is that correct?
No, it can use many file formats


This is .dae file…With a .jpg texture I converted to a .bmp file It work fine.


Import Your file…Select the object there use the texture…In the properties panel right side…Click material button the blue one in the picture…Now under Surface click the use node button…In the Color box left click the little gray box all the way to the right…It will open the box You see in the picture…Select Image Texture…Now You have a open button…Load Your texture…That’s it…Hmmm

If the Texture have all the object in it…Then maybe You have to unwrap all the object and place them right in the UV/Image editor…
In properties click the render button…Look after Output here You can see what file Blender can use…Left click the 2 small arrow.

Hope it make sences…Puff Puff