How to texture and UV map the 3d text feature?

Hello all,

i am fairly new to blender and i have encountered a problem. I am trying to uv map some 3d text. i have created the text then extruded and then converted to a mesh but, for some reason i can find no solution to mapping the now 3d text!? I have tried many things and have drank deeply of all but little information on any sites and within the first 20 pages of any search engine and yet…nothing on this subject?

The idea is to create the 3d text and then map an outline around the edges then make the text look transparent kind of like a 3d blueprint but semi translucent.

thanks, look forward to any response.

Not sure if I understand correctly, but you want to UV map a text object that was converted to a mesh (alt+ C to convert text to mesh).

I have done a test with Blender 2.49 and 2.5 and it does allow a UV map to be added to the mesh after it is converted from a text. Here is an image from 2.49 that shows the UV map being added, 2.5 doesn’t have the screenshot function added yet.

After you convert the text to mesh, tab into edit mode and press U to unwrap. Then assign a material and add a texture, under the mapping options, you should see UV as an option.


Hi nbninja8,

Thanks for the tip there i was beggining to get a bit lost, i am aware that you can unwrap, i should have explained better. What i meant was i was trying to mark a seam so that i could unwrap the mesh in a more organised fashion for example the T would have a T shaped plain in the UV editor, well two to be exact and of course the rest of the faces would be squares or rectangles. I hope i have explained this better what i was trying to acheive was the mark seam process.

I think i also failed to mention i wasn’t using the blender default text i was using a downloaded .tft file format which if I am correct is supported in blender.

Not at home at the moment and so will not be able to get you screen shots, the polys themselves aren’t exactly in a uniform fashion either. Will post a screen shot at some point am on nights so won’t be for a few hours yet.

Let me know if you have any further suggestions, advice or help it will not go unappreciated.

Thanks again.

Sorry the file format was a text file with an extension of .TTF which is standart font file format, i also double checked and Blender 2.49 and 2.5 support this format.


As an update to this issue, i have managed to locate an exteranl program (Elefont) which is free to download and use. It creates 3D text and saves as .DFX format which can then be imported into Blender and have seams marked then unwraped in a uniform fashion.

Please see screen shot for the process i was trying to acheive. i may even post the finished piece.

Thanks for the support.


glad to see you got it to work!