how to texture different objects seamless

I want to apply a texture to an object that contains of three different parts (well, it’s an avatar with head, upperbody and lowerbody). The mesh is imported from an OBJ file and if I tear it apart into different objects (head, upper, lower) all works fine so far.

I can apply a material on each of these parts, then create a new image and bake the texture to the image (the avatar has a predefined UV map already).

And here is the problem: I want to apply the material (a skin for example) to the whole avatar, so that I don’t have seams between head, upperbody and lowerbody. The only way I can do that is to join the three parts, but then it seems impossible to bake separate textures for head/upper/lower any more.

I’m working about half a year with blender, but I’m pretty new in understanding texturing (and I’ve watched all videos from Neil Hirsig on this topic already). So any hint or pointer to a solution is appreciated.


why would it be important to have 3 different uv’s cant you just combine them into one?
or are you applying procedural textures on top of the uv’s

hi heddesheimer.
if I understood you correctly, you want to apply single texture to whole model and then lay partial model’s textures on top of it?
if so, I think the only sense to do it is that you want textures to combine one with another…
In this case you will need to make one UV from whole model and to play with indexed materials and material nodes…
If partial textures must cleanly overlap underlying (whole-model) texture, forget the nodes.
Please correct me if I make some misunderstanding here.

the problem is, that I can’t unwrap the model to represent my own UV. The UVs are given because I need them to import into the game, where the original avatar came from, and they provide a separate UV for head, upperbody and lowerbody.

Maybe it’s not possible to do, but I see if I combine the parts I can lay the texture seamlessly on the whole avatar. It just seems that the texture do change its orientation when I separate the three elements again afterwards. Not sure if I’m making myself clear enough. If not, I can upload a few images to illustrate the problem.
Avatar with 3 parts joined, texture is now okay
Same texture but now the parts head/upperbody/lowerbody are 3 separate objects. Same texture but you can see where one part ends and the other begins.

>the problem is, that I can’t unwrap the model to represent my own UV. The UVs are given

Do you mean you can’t change UVs at all? If so, only texture image itself manipulation will help you.
Well, if not…
Common UV routines will always give you visible stitches, and all you can do is only place them in approrpiate unnoticeable place.
You can join pieces to single mesh, place seams and UV-unwrap whole model as you need to hide stitches and split mesh in pieces again. UV of each piece’s faces will remain as it was for the joined mesh.
And Texture Painting over the model helps to hide stitches, too.

yes thesis, that’s the problem. I cannot change the UVs because the textures is expected in exactly the given UV map in the game.

I think only Texture Painting may help you a little.
Maybe someone will correct me.