How to texture environment like this? (video example)

Hi guys,

I was watching the Scott Metzger’s demo reel again and was interested just how he textures his environment in this video.

If you go to 6.25 that’s the thing I’m interested in.

He’s obviously using photo’s but just how would you go about getting these all into a scene with the correct perspective?

Is it just a case of finding a location and taking loads of time to get pictures from every angle, then match the scene up with the picture and project paint?

The one scene in the video is a long corridor, and as you see when he moves down it, none of the texture gets lower, it’s all still sharp!

Any help would be appreciated, cheers guys.

I’ll take a stab at some suggestions since no one has answered yet. It does appear the artist is just camera matching and then modeling an environment that gets painted from the original. I’m not fluent with the motion tracker features in Blender, but that is probably what you are looking for. In the past I used an add-on called BLAM. You might have to use an older version of Blender to even get BLAM to work. BlenderGuru had a tutorial for painting a photo onto a model, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work the same way anymore. It might give you some ideas anyway.

As for the resolution of the images in the video you linked to–yes that looks like he did a lot more preparation than he is showing. Normally some pixilation would occur on distant areas that take up small areas of the reference image.