How to texture paint and clone from one uvmap/image onto a second uvmap/image?

I cant figure out how to do this in the new Blender versions. I want to texture an animal using just a single image of said animal. This of course causes many seams. So to create a seamless texture I used to do the following in older versions of Blender:

  1. Unwrap model (first uv map)
  2. place Uvs onto the image in the right places (first uv map)

the result for thefirst uv map should look like this:

  1. Create a new blank image to be used as a new texture

  2. Create second “proper” uv map without overlapping uvs etc… (second uv map)
    As seen in this image:

  3. Now use the Clone Brush in Texture Paint to clone from the original image texture from the first uv map onto the new image on the second uv map :exclamation:

  4. Remove seams by cloning from different parts of the old or new texture onto the new texture

And this step 5. is the part I can’t figure out. I can clone from one texture on one uvmap to the very same texture, but cloning from a different uvmap/texture onto a new uvmap and new texture does not seem to work anymore?

This video also shows what i want to do in detail:

Thanks for reading.


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Oh man yes thats it! Thank you for your fast reply. I totally missed the Texture slots tab, because I always focused on the image editor window. The texture slots tab is only visible in the workspace settings on the right hand side it seems like :smiley:

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