How to Texture Paint on a Object with existing Multimaterial ?


I’m working on a little terrain on which I already applied two Materials.

The goal is to paint more variantions like dirt, variations to the texture borders and so on directly on the Object.

Is there a way to just paint over or into the existing Material ?
I tried to add a new Texture for this, but it’s not clear to me how to overlay this new Texture with the existing ones.

Kind regards

There isn’t. Cycles doesn’t mix materials, Blender Render can do it.

One material with different branches that are mixed with the texture. Wouldn’t make sense to use common texture in multiple materials unless it’s used for controlling material properties in different materials.

So what workflow would you suggest ?
Creating a new Material (Texture) from scratch ?

copy and paste the nodes from one material to the other so that you can mix it with the texture

Sorry I cannot follow you.

The two Materials are assigned to different faces.
If I add a third Material (for the additional Texturepainting) then I have to assign this Material to all faces of the Object which means the other two will be overwritten.

Can you please guide my little dumphead to the right direction ?

Two materials, assigned to each half. There’s no possibility to mix materials, no material input.

Selecting everything but the material output from the other material, ctrl+C, and ctrl+V to the other material. Material where the nodes were copied from is no longer needed

Now the two branches can meet at a common mix shader, which can be mixed with a mask texture map, and the two don’t have to follow face boundaries.

How do you achieve that final result in the 3D-View ?
In my case it shows only one Texture (the one that is selected in the Material-Node) but when I render it then I see the final result.

I just figured it out. I had to switch to Material- instead of Texture-Shading-Mode in the Viewport :slight_smile:

Why two materials?
you can use one material for this.

Yes, meanwhile I realised that :wink:
Sorry, for my lack of congenial skills.