How to texture paint with clone brush around model without perspective changes?

I am trying to clone some textures from one side of the model onto another side, but when I rotate my view around, when I try to paint, it skews the texture that I am trying to paint with the new perspective. I thought opening up another 3d view window of the same model would make it possible but I can’t clone it from one window to the other. Is there some way to paint the texture based off of an initial perspective? Thanks.

Texture painting still uses screen space for the brushes, which is one its major flaws. The only way I’ve found around this is adding a shapekey and flattening the faces you want to sample from. Then you can enter texture paint mode and set the shapekey to 1, so you can sample from the flattened area. Then you set the shapekey to 0 and delete it.