How to texture paint??!!

I’ve tried following every tutorial I can find, trying to do some texture painting on my project. Some say it can be done in Cycles - others suggest using BL. Neither works for me!

If someone has time to advise, here’s the link:

Among other things, I’m trying to fade the edges of the sand that is sitting on the road. I would like the presence of the sand on the road surface to be more subtle.

I can apply the materials, unwrap, etc., but cannot figure out how to modify textures using texture painting. Any help would surely be appreciated!

Objects have unapplied and non-uniform scale, normals are inverted on two of them, and they don’t have UV map for texture painting.

The scale would need to be applied so that UV unwrap doesn’t get distorted. Select mesh objects by type, ctrl+A -> scale. That will change how procedural textures show up so have to change those afterwards (displacement/bump).

Default paint mode is material so if you want to view it in material shading mode, will have to noodle the image texture in the material setup and the Cycles previews don’t work that well with more complex setups, but it’s possible to use either engine.