How to texture with overflow textures

Hi guys,

im not english but i haven´t found a real active german speak forum :frowning:
But I’m going to try to explain my problem :slight_smile:

I`ve build a little terrain mesh for a video game (some of my friends and me are going to start a little video game project).Here it is:

Now I wanted to give it two textures, pne for ground(sand) and one for the rocks. But the most important things are the areas i´ve marked. I want them to have a smooth blending(i hope you´re understanding what i mean, dont know the exact words fot that). So I want make the textures flowing into eachother on the red areas. sand into rocks :slight_smile:

I was searching for two days and all the video tutorials und anything else I saw or read was that difficult and incomprehensible. I didn´t understand. how they did it.

May somebody could try to explain it to me in a few steps to get me a small overview on the whole texturing topic in blender :slight_smile:

im realy desperate… please help :slight_smile:


are you doing it with 2.49 or 2.5 ?

i think you simply need to add some materials and textures!

so if you need something simple go with procedural textures
or you could go with UV uwrapping and using images as high res texture

depends what you want to do ?


I’m not sure if this is what u r after but this is what u need to do "
goto uv unrap new image then go to ,materials, add new then goto ,edit button, add new image load image then add new image again and load image then goto uv image editor and goto ,image, then ,texture paint, and then view, paint tool goto where it says add new select tex then goto 3d header and select ,texture paint, mode start painting first texture on object if u have another texture to paint then select that texture “tex” in uv image editor paint tool " uneed to paint your textures onto model


texture painting.blend (151 KB)

realy big thanks for post, but Im so sorry I cant follow…

  1. I unwrapped the mesh in the 3d Edit Mode by pressing “U” and then “Unwrap”

but whats next? what do you mean with materialos “add new” do you mean add new textures? And where is the edit button.

Im really new to blender, cant anybody explain it in more detail. just like i did it with the first step ( unwrapp the mesh in the 3d Edit Mode by pressing “U” and then “Unwrap”)

I know its a tall order but maybe someone can help me :slight_smile:


Hi, take a look at blend.polis, that’s an active forum with german members.

Schau doch mal bei blend.polis vorbei, das ist das deutsche Blender-Forum.

it have nothing to do with language. Im understanding everything written here, and I think all of you got my problem.

I just cant get along with blender jet and need aome help in texturing.

then you should begin by reading the wiki book

go chapter by chapter and then you’ll begin to understand where things are and what to do with blender

then you if you don’t understand you can come back on forum and ask questions!

you have a lot to learn on blender

good lucl

To add a texture you need to first add a material. The texture is just one part of this material which includes colour, specularity, transparency etc.
Start learning the basics so this all makes sense. There are many texturing tutorials but if you don’t know the basics you won’t get the most out of them.
Start reading from here:

yes on one edit mode ,yes on add new texture ,oops not edit “texture button”