How to texture

I’m really new to Blender, and I think it’s a great program. What I need to know however is how to texture.

1.How do I import textures?
2.How can I color the different objects without coloring everything?
-If I want to color the teeth of a face white, then the whole face turn white.
3.How do I apply textures to an object?

Thanks for all answers!

  1. Go to UV panel and choose image and browse for the texture OR go to the Texture panel in the shading menu and choose Add new->Image and then load the texture.

  2. Pretty hard to tell you but here’s a tutorial that explains it pretty good. If that wasn’t what you meant then you can just go to the material tab and press the small arrow next to Material# and press Add New.

  3. See #1

Thanks! that really helped!