How to tool this

Any easier way to do this? So far ive just been using solidify and remove the junk thats left behind but its tedious when you have to do this a lot.

Its sort of an extrude, but not quite? i dunno

Also, while on the topic of modelling tools, is there a way to align an object to the normal of a face? For instance a bolt or anything thats resting on a surface:

Use the region > normal extrude. And if you check clipping on your mirror modifier, the polygons along the center line won’t be created.


As for face alignment, there’s a face align snapping feature:

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Just in case anyone else are looking for this, one thing to note, you need Origin point to be set to Median

Or use inset, drag it to the face boundary and then hold ctrl to make the inward extrusion follow by pressing b to get rid of the middle faces.