How to trace footage?

I saw these cool videos of someone tracing MMA fights using a software called MMD. Here’s an example of it:

The I want to try and do the same thing in Blender as it’s pretty cool and the work process is kind of similar as you just need a video to trace and models. My question is, how would you handle to different camera angles and perspectives when tracing over a video?

Many Thanks In Advance :pray:t4:

There are camera tracking tools within Blender. Basically you make a bunch of markers, and match them to visual references. sometimes it works automatically, but sometimes you have to do it manually. From that information, Blender extrapolates the camera position and lens value, and sets up the markers in your 3D window for visual reference. And matches the camera, of course.


look up rotoscoping in blender. There are a few resources out there in the interweb.


I did have a look but there’s nothing relating to using 3d models. Only tracing over videos with 2D drawings

Maybe I am not understanding what you are trying to do.

Instead of tracing you would be posing and key framing the model from the projected film. You do need to have the camera perspective for each shot. The reference material were for the concepts needed.

There are free and paid software for camera perspective matching. Examples: fSpy (free) and Perspective Plotter ($).

But if you have MOCAP data life is way easier. Doing 3d model rotoscoping using a film clip as a reference was one of our assignments in a 3d animation course I took and it was tedious and not a lot of fun. But just my opinion.

Basically there are two tracking types involved. The tracking of the camera movement, and the tracking of the character movement. Usually, when a character is tracked, they wear a suit that has reflective balls at points like their elbows, including dots on their faces. Without the dots, you have to do it manually, which can take time. I think Blender supports both types, although I have only done the camera tracking part. The software you showed us does the job, but the movement is very jerky, because, no reflective balls.

Thank you very much. This is what I was looking for!