How to Track Users of Data Blocks

I find it difficult to understand that there are two users of that mesh data in my blend file.

How can I clearly track the user of a block of data in Blender?

Here is my blend file

try this script to clean up things

let us know if this works

Datablock addon script
Remove duplicated Datablocks of image, mesh and materials of selected objects

happy bl

That is a good add-on, but it only processes material and image data blocks.
I am having problems with the mash data block.
There is only one object in my scene, but there are couple mesh data users.
This is a mystery to me.
Check please my blend file.

The file has all sorts of assets in it, they’re not linked in the scene so they’re not visible. One of those is an object called “sf_fi_struc_quartergallery_A01.002” which presumably also has/had a mesh called “sf_fi_struc_quartergallery_A01.002”, which the visible object shares. Deleting that object makes the data single user for the visible one.

Learn to use the compress feature in file -> save as dialog when preparing a .blend for upload. This one goes from 6.51MB to 1.7MB without any other change. Deleting the invisible assets from the file reduces it to 121kB.

Thank you, I have learned more about how to navigate in the outliner using the Blend File view mode and the compression option when saving the blend file too.
But one question remains.
I just knew that the data block of the object removed from the scene would automatically disappear when Blender was exited.
However, in the file I attached, the scene’s Info window displays the object’s count as 1/1, but there are many objects left behind internally.
Why is this happening?

My guess is that because the objects are in a group, it keeps the objects in the file so you can add them as group instances afterwards. Deleting the groups drops the groups, objects, materials, images in orphan data (0 and fake users) where you can delete them, or disappear later because they don’t get saved.

I never thought the group would keep them.
Thank you. I understood.