How to train your Dragon

Just wanted to hear what people’s thoughts on this movie are. I saw it this weekend with my Nephew this week and it was easily Dreamwork Animations best work. I read on a cgtalk thread that the changed their animation production techniques to the Disney system of one lead per character and it shows. This is thankfully no Shrek or Shrek as a Panda ( kung-fu Panda) movie its really good. But from the box office takings it seems people are missing out on it.

The trailers of this movie suck and don’t do it any justice, don’t be mislead by them this is one kick ass movie that I highly recommend. Pixar finally has some serious competition.

I always prefered dreamworks, right from the beggining Antz and other and they are really good. This dragon mvie looks really good too so I might be watching it soon or just wait for dvd to come out.

Yea the trailer really sucked pretty bad and I think the general censor is that Pixar > all, which a lot of people believe, so I guess that is a reason why it’s not doing so good… Or it could be that cinema’s are charging a fortune for 3D screenings, at least in the UK anyway, and we are in a recession.

About the film, I honestly thought it was one of the best CG feature films I’ve ever seen, the detail was phenomenal, the animation was beautifully done and the story was, well it’s typical Hollywood ‘lose becomes hero’, but it was done a way which made it entertaining.

All in all thoroughly enjoyed it.

I liked saw that movie twice (once today) and liked it a lot :smiley:
I really did not expect it to be that great. :slight_smile:

OMG, those expresions, that dragon can do, are amazing O.o what an eye like this <i> turning into an eye like this (O) can do, is extreme!

While the plot was rather clichée, it still was different in a way or two and a lot of rather new ideas, especially for the definition of what could be a dragon, really makes that film watchable, even if you don’t only look for graphics :slight_smile:

I also liked that very round Viking, referencing a geek, lol. Very modern oddness in that not so modern world :slight_smile:

We may not see the movie till next weekend because my older brother who now lives in Pheonix may come home for the weekend and we can see it as a family together (since it is supposed to be a fun family movie), I really want to see the 3D version, luckily the local theater has at least 6 to 8 auditoriums that can show 3D movies as in new releases in 3D won’t bump out older movies in 3D.

I saw Avatar in 3D. I think I will wait for a bit for the next gen 3D movies to come out before deliberating going out to waste my time on a movie that will be “free” with advertisements on TV in about 3-4 years anyway.
And ofcourse, I can read the plot on wikipedia, 2-3 minutes of free entertainment at my own leisure rather than an hour and half of entertainment that I paid for with money, time, and the chance of boredom.
But from what I heard - “How to train your dragon” is good. Apparently some of the younger 'uns got scared at it. That’s plenty to say.

I may not see this in theaters, but will definitely red box it as soon as it is available. (red box is a new movie rental service that charges $1 for renting a new movie for one day.:))

Fantastic film, i loved it from start to finish. It felt like an action film with humour and the occasional cliche instead of a comedy full of cliches with a load of action.

If that makes sense.

Either way it’s a great film.

It’s a great children movie yes…for adults it sucks pretty bad. For 8-10 year olds it’s a great movie. Not many adult themes in it…

That’s not entirely true.

Its still a good adventure yarn with themes of “don’t believe everything you’re told”, “children don’t always grow up to be like their parents” and most impressivly, “you can still lead a good life even if you’ve lost your foot”.

There were other themes of death, mindless killing, understanding nature and friendship. All in all it was a pretty moral story.

I am 29 turning 30 this year and had a good time its definately not a children only movie there is a lot of humor that is based on irony and sarcasm that I think will fly over the heads of most 8-10 year olds.

Kung-fu Panda was more of a kids movie to me because it relied more on physical comedy but this one is more subtle and clever in its jokes.

I don’t think, it’s just a children movie.
TheANIMAL and tryant monkey pointed that out quite well. Agreed.

Don’t get me wrong, the film had some flaws, the third act for instance was rushed (not including the action scenes which were perfect).

The difference in accents between the adults and the children was odd.

The emotional conclusion between the father son and the dragons were perhaps a little too convinient.

I’m nitpicking though, i’d give this film a 9.5/10.

I agree, this movie was Dreamwork’s best. Although, you know that the director and scriptwriter also worked on Lilo & Stitch. The similarities show. In the end; however, I can’t wait to see Dreamworks throw us another curveball.


Best dreamworks movie? You serious…ANTZ was much better in 3D. And prince of egypt is in my opinion the best animated movie they have made…

I am a big Chris Sanders fan so no biggie for me. He has a very definative style and it shows in toothless but all his creatures kind of have that Sanders look if you check out his blog you will see what I mean.

@Namssil I think its just different strokes for different folks - I personally loath Antz and Prince of Egypt, but going on critic ratings alone this movie is averaging above 95% its 98% on rotten tomatoes not many movies get the kind of ratings this movies is getting.

I loved it! Just saw it in 3D. I am very glad I held off on the whole HDTV thing, because now I know my next TV is definitely 3D. They really used the 3D very well and it drew you into the scene. The colors, lighting, animation, modeling, SSS, production, compositing, fx, atmospherics, crowd, all were so well integrated. Great story line, not overtold nor oversold, just long enough to tell it and get on with it; kept it moving. Amazing work.

ps-totally independently, during the movie, my daughter leaned over to my wife and said “aw, he looks just like Stitch” - heh. I guess Chris has his favorite character formula that works, because the Night Fury was both intimidating and adorable, all at the same time.

Saw it yesterday and I really enjoyed Toothless, had a lot of personality and was really cute.

The other Dragon types also deviated a large amount from the traditional design, which was interesting to say the least, not sure about all the teeth sticking out of the mouths of most of the types though. Toothless had retractable teeth which is a first for pretty much any creature in a CGI movie from the major studios.

The mega-Dragon at the end was quite amazing in design and size, could easily devour the entire viking army and would only be a meager amount of food for it even, no wonder it needs all those Dragons to give it food, also considering how its ability to suck air and anything in range into its mouth is similar to a jet engine.

That Dragon had amazing design and execution, and did make for an epic end to the movie even if the survival of such a creature is just not possible in this world.