How to Transfer maps? [Bake Multiple Textures into one]

Do Blender 2.8 have “Transfer maps” like maya or a similar way?

I have three meshes, and they all have a unique texture, I want to combine them, do a new UV -layout and bake these 3 textures into one.

I found something on that lines here:

Hope it helps.

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Blender 2.8 can do that. But Cycles texture baking workflow is awful.

You have a unique material per mesh.
When meshes are merged into one object with 3 materials using 3 different textures, you can create a second UVmap and unwrap it in order to obtain non overlapping UV Islands.

What is annoying is that you will have to add nodes to those 3 materials to obtain a correct baking and to avoid an overwritting of your original images.
For each Image Texture node already present in a material, you have to precise UVmap inherited from merge.
Then, in each material, you have to add an Image Texture node referring to a newly created image (result of baking). An UVmap node must be connected to it to precise second UVmap created without overlapping UV Islands.
But this Image Texture node must not be connected to shader or output node.

The node referring to the image being the result of baking have to be the last one selected : Active node in Material set-up. That is a key point. If it is not the case, other images may be modified by baking process.
As long as you don’t save image changes ; you don’t have lost original data.

Then, you can go to Bake panel in Render Tab of Properties editor.
Set bake type to diffuse, disable Direct/Indirect in order to only keep Color.
Now, you can press Bake button.

You are lucky. You don’t have to do that for a merge of 10 objects.

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Thanks! I tried it out and it worked!! But as you said the workflow was a pain in the ass… But after some research (searched for bake at blendermarket) I found this baby:, it is a one button press to do it all :slight_smile: