How to transfer tilt from one curve to another in Geonodes?

I am trying to make a base curve control the tilt of generated curve . I put a mesh line on a base curve through sample curve node and tried to use its normal output as tilt value . For some uncertain reason I have the second curve be bent in totally different place
tilt transfer1.blend (1.1 MB)

Am I doing totally wrong?

So much wrong happening here. :fearful:

Why not just duplicate the base curve with Duplicate Elements node?

Good luck.

I think “dublicate ellements” wouldn’t help me since I need the second curve have specified stat and end positions along the base curve.

K, then just split it out (Transform Node optional and only used to separate the curves out for illustration purposes.):

Duplicate Elements not even needed.

(You have not provided a compelling reason for why you can’t just re-use the “base” curve)

Good luck.


Thank you very much zeroskilz . It solves my current issue completely .

Still I wonder if transfer the tilt is possible somehow ? I understand that using normal as input for tilt values is kind of wrong but it still works somehow , just in wrong place . I may need to transfer the tilt from mesh surface for example to make the spline based stripe follow polygonal surface . Should be attribute transfer probably, right?

Still seems like an anti-pattern to me, but if you really wanted to transfer the tilt, you’d need to capture it, then do a Transfer Attribute, like so:

… but… why??

Just cause you can do it, doesn’t mean you should do it.

(Another reason I don’t like this setup is because it won’t work with multiple input curves, which makes its application in generative networks pretty much useless.)

Good luck.

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Thanks a lot, zeroskilz :+1:

Hi zeroskilz

Your transfer attribute example is great. How can it be recreated now when transfer attribute is gone . I did try sample index and sample nearest and nothing seems working . I used this transfer attribute a lot before and now puzzling how to manage without it .

Sample Nearest gives you the index… then use that with Sample Index.


Thanks a lot zeroskilz

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