How to translate Max Script code to Python code?

Hi everyone. I’m really newbie to Python coding, but I need to convert down linked Max script code to Python? Any help would be good. Here the link to code which is need to convert:


You cant just ‘translate it’, it’s a completely different scripting language for a completely different paradigm. It’s like asking how to translate Arabic to algebra.


Ok. But are you know how to understand that code and innovate it to python?

@Odilkhan_Yakubov There is probably not much (i.e. math) if anything at all that can be refactored to worth with the Blender Python API. Completely different paradigms.
However you could describe this script, what it does. There may be a script already for it.
Good luck.


Hey thanks. I found this one:

But it cant be export from Blender just import :frowning:
P.s.: this tool is import model from Pes 2018 fmdl files. This tool isnt finished. Can someone look into it and maybe complete?
Or some help would be good. It really need.

This is an extremely niche thing. it looks like very few people are interested in modding MGSV.

However, one person seems to have made a process for this using unity.

I believe this would be your best, and only hope for exporting a .FMDL at the moment.

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Hi. I know that tool. But i need exp/imp from Blender itself not from Unity 3d. Blender is really powerful that can make that process by itself. I know it will hard to code something but problem is that i can not do it by myself as i dont know the code making.

Any chance?

Sorry for repeated, but can anyone help me?

There are had not been posted any solution so thats why admin close the thread.