How to triangulate mesh into pentagons

Hey guys!
I am working on a low poly project and it would really speed up my workflow if there was a easy way how to triangulate mesh into pentagons (regular triangulate modifier will not do the work) like shown below -

Thanks for any advice!

What do you mean? Regular pentagon, that is with all 5 sides equal length, can not be flattened as your image. To flatten it, pentagon pattern will need to look like this:

The usual trick of using a subsurf modifier, applying it, and dissolving 6-pole verts won’t work here (it will give you hexagons instead).

Why do you specifically need pentagons, I don’t know of any built in tool within Blender that can automate the process (though you might want to look up an addon named ‘tissue’ which can propagate any manual pattern across an entire surface).