HOW TO TURN $6 INTO $6,000!!!!!!


post your pyramidal illegal BS elsewhere

How to turn $0 into $Lots:

Keep on Blending until you get way too good, use those awesome blends to get a good job in modeling/animation or a scholarship to a good animation school. Once professional, remain true to thy Blender roots and spread the word on this awesome software. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

that’s very very pyramidal


Investment scheme no.2 We have muskeg in Northern Ontario you can buy for $2 billion.

The important conclusion is at the bottom “CONCLUSIONS OF LAW”

How does this topic not get locked?

how about I delete the post?


More spam.

Someone close this stupid topic.


Where do people come up with this crap, all this scamming I mean.

like VelikM demonstrated, this is highly illegal.

I’m locking this topic instead of deleting it so that people know not to do it again unless they want to be banned.