How to turn a solid into dust?


right i know how to use the particle system and can create a solid looking object and how to make dust, although not with the same parameters but i cant animate the two together and not sure which keys to use to create it. Basically i want to create a black solid object which disintergrates.

any help would be appreciated!


You could make a copy of your solid mesh, make the second mesh a particle emitter with the mesh display turned off–you might want to apply your subsurf modifier, if you have one–and then swap one for the other at the time you want them to switch, either by keying the alpha values of the objects, or maybe using the composite nodes and swapping the alphas of their render layers. Just a thought.

cheers i’ll give that a go…but might be back!

Could you make the model emit a particle cloud and at the same time make the base mesh transparent. Then move the particles with a wind deflector.