How to turn a straight edge into an arc?

I need to change one single edge into an arc, how can I do that? I’ve tried Mesh > To Sphere but it doesn’t work as expected, it’s just pinching the vertices…

I would hide the unselected vertexes, turn on proportional editing with the sphere setting and lift the center vertex of that line.

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‘To Sphere’ takes pivot into account. Look from the side view, snap 3D cursor to the center vertex on the face, set pivot to be ‘3D Cursor’, do the To Sphere on that top row.


Yeah, I forgot about proportional editing.

Ah yes, it seems setting the pivot to 3D cursor is the key here, I thought it uses the cursor automatically, thanks!
Is there a way to pin the corner vertices to keep the corners intact?

What do you mean?

After rounding the corners of the cube are squashed and I have to scale them in order to bring them back in place:

Is this the only way? I wish the exterior vertices could be pinned to push the rounding outside of the cube.

I don’t think so.

Wouldn’t it be easier to, you know, make an arch (a half-circle or something) and just join it in, bridge the faces?


Yeah, I guess that’s another way to do it :smiley: