How to turn character about

Hi, i’ve created a character, rigged it up and created animations for it aswell as having it move forward during the animation. But how do i set it to turn and walk about in the direction i want? the only way i’ve found is by selecting the armature and setting keyframes - is there a better way?


You mean you want to animate something without keyframing?

You’re doing it right. :yes:

Presumably you are already doing this.
You might want to check out the Walk.O.matic script.

Or if you are feeling up to date, check out Blender’s stride features (clicky).

Hope this helps.

huh? how do u animate without keyframes?

what i mean’t was manually dragging and rotating the character for each keyframe, thx for the help Duoas - i used the stride path method.

Hey, glad to hear you got it working. Have fun! :smiley: