How to turn off spacebar in selected views?

Is it possible to turn off spacebar (start timeline) for specific views. I sometime accidently hit it and it is not practical when making shaders or something so i want to turn that off only for shading view.
Any way to do that in 2.8?


Yes there is. You would just globally disable it, and then for each editor where you want it, you can add it back.

I see i can change the spacebar functionality to search. (i don’t see how to turn it off, but thats ok)
But where can i turn it to play for a specific view or workspace?

Go to the keymap editor and disable Space to play/pause inside the Window category. Then add it back inside each editor where you want it.

This makes it specific to each editor.

Quesrion is relative to workspaces.
Lefthandmedia probably wants to have this shortcut working for 3D View of Animation workspace but same shortcut disabled for 3D View of modeling workspace. Same editor type.

So, solution would be to create an addon working for one workspace but not for the other.
Because currently, workspace properties does not have an UI to handle custom keymaps per workspace.