How to turn off Texture Filtering?

Is there any way to turn off texture filtering in the game engine, so that all textures are pixelated? Maybe with GLSL?

Yes, if you go the System & OpenGL tab on the Information Window, there is a button which reads “Mipmaps.” Unclick this button and the textures will now be pixelated. It may cause some performance issues though if you use lots of textures.

I tried that already, but it doesn’t seem to work when you save game as runtime.

There is a python script for this i think. Try using search.

Okay, I’ve found out that the game needs to be run like this: game.exe -g nomipmap = 1
it works, but I’ve noticed textures on small polygons are still sort of blurred…

Sorry for bringing back an old thread but just happened randomly on this
while searching the forums for ‘anisotropic filtering’, anyway’s…

The small ‘blurriness’ your still getting is probably to do with the texel units of the texture
(that is pixels projected from the texture to the mesh),
namely your UV unwrap is probably ‘deformed’ so the projected pixels are stretched,
and so they appear to be blurry. :smiley: