How to turn on and off light during animation

how do I turn on and off a light during an animation? Like if I were simulating a lightning flash?
Thanks in advance for your help

Like everything else in blender, you can keyframe properties of whatever object you are working on.

In this case it would be the intensity of your light that you will be keyframing.

With your lamp selected, place your cursor in the Lamp settings window and Hit the I key.

A list of available properties will pop up. You will want to choose energy.

Move forward a few frames, adjust the energy of your lamp and hit the I key again.

Repeat as often as wanted for your effect.

  1. Press “I” while the light is selected and you have the lamp buttons (F5) showing AND the mouse cursor is “hovering” over the buttons panel. A popup will appear… choose “Energy”


  1. Select the lamp, open an IPO window, choose the Lamp IPO, type, then select the Energ channel and add IPO points with CTR-LMB


thanks i will try that. Love these forums where you can get answers while blending…

Another way could be to set a position keyframe and move it far away when you no longer need it