How to turn opacity of Sculpted Mesh Down in Viewport to see background image reference?

Hey guys, i’m a beginner in blender & sculpting so i can’t really sculpt just by eyeballing or looking at a reference image from a corner. i need to line the image at the back and compare it with my sculpt. in blender, i can do it in edit mode and by switching to wireframe, but then, when i’ve added in too much detail, the mesh would look like black all over because there’s many vertices so i can’t see the image reference from the back.

Is there any way to make my sculpted mesh in Viewport Mode to look somewhat transparent or turn it’s opacity down so i can see the image reference? It would also be nice if this can be done in solid mode. thanks in advance.

There probably is. I do it a different way.

Make your image “in front” (object properties>viewport display>in front)

Turn the transparency of the image up/down (object data properties, once you’ve added a reference image)

I don’t know if putting your image behind the object is necessary but thats normally where i put it.

Try X-Ray view.