How to turn this page?

Hi! How would you animate turning this page? I’m not experienced enough to solve this. Got stuck with bones animation can’t figure how to put the page onto opposit accurately and without intersecting.
Thank You!

book-scene-question.blend (4.6 MB)

Hi @Bartang,

Using an IK setup is probably unnecessary in this case, and just plain keying the bone chain will give you more flexibility:

I deleted the IK stuff and tweaked your page geometry to ensure that there is one ‘edge’ for each bone, so the bend would be more predictable. I then reparented the vertices of each of these page-dividing edges to a specific bone using empty weight assignment ( then selecting each vertex pair and assigning it manually to the bone with weight 1.0 ) .

NOTE: you must reset the geometry scale with CTRL-A before rigging.

There are only a handfull of keyframes , and if you set the rotation origins to 'individual:


then selecting multiple bones will rotate them all at the same time which makes getting a nice curve easier.

Here’s the altered Blend file ( I created a new camera so as not to mess with yours).

book-scene_animated.blend (1.0 MB)

Hope that’s of help,

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Thanks a million! That is exactly what I desired! It is great that you’ve attached video and description.
I desided to use extruded curve and came to slightly the same result so far.
Frankly I don’t get the description part below the “NOTE” line e.g. “selecting multiple bones will rotate them all”
Thank You again!