how to undo a view change

hi, i’m in 3d view, in user perspective mode, if by accident i move the view , how to load previous view? i can’t undo the view change. Is there anyway i can go back without have to readjust the view again ?



NO OPTION I THINK SO… To avoid this make that view as default camera view by pressing ctrl alt 0

Try 1, 3, and 7 on your numpad. Also CTRL + those number creates the opposite view.

If you want to save specific views use this addon
Tried and confirmed works with official 2.63a and 2.64-test build versions of blender

too bad :frowning: … hope to see this in next release, simple ‘view undo’ feature is cool. single stroke to bring back my previous view will be handy. I’m not looking the way to store the view actually, this is an accident, sometime by accident we move the camera . If i know i want to modify the view and restore it back, of course i will store the view.
So for my case, storing the view is not the solution. I need ‘undo’ ( or more precisely : ‘view undo’ )



This is indeed a very handy feature when i was using max that was very quick to alter a side of an object and shift+z to undo view change back to opposite vertex to modify again and so on.

Because always going back to the numeric keypad is cutting down productivity.


It’s funny how this feature probably doesn’t look very useful on paper, but once I learned about it in 3DS Max I started using it whenever I accidentally changed my viewing angle. Now I rely on it all the time, so I’d still be happy to see it in Blender one day.