How to undo this mess?


I am very much new to blender, I am following a tutorial in making a planet and in the process. I did this. Can anyone please help me out on resetting it.


hover your mouse over the division between two areas and right click and select join area. Then hover over the area you want the other one to merge with. In 2.93 you can also drag the corners, but it will split instead if you drag the wrong way so might be easier with the join are method. not all will be joinable at first, start with areas that has the same height or width next to each other. I would start with the once on top, then the middle

Another option is to open a new file, delete everything in it and then append the Collection from your current file File->Append->navigate to your planet.blend and open it like a directory->Collections->Collection.

I would not recommend the suggestion above.
It’s a bit of an extreme solution to a simple layout problem.

Either undo it via Elk’s method, or simply click the plus in the tab bar and create a new “Layout” workspace.

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What ThomasKole suggests about switching back to a layout workspace does not have any effect if thats the workspace you changed.

Adding a whole new one to reset your windows is also a bit of an extreme measure and won’t reset the original layout/workspace. You can delete the original layout and rename your new one though.

What Blender really needs is a simple option to “reset layout to default” when you rightclick on a workspace.

LAcking that what you can do is uncheck “load uit” in Preferences > Save & Load. Once unchecked reopen your file and it will have all its windows set to default. Remember to turn it back on if you want to, well, load layout changes you’ve made in your blender files. :slight_smile: