How to "ungroup" arrayed objects?

E.g. I have arrayed a cube in one direction, pressed apply, now I simply can’t select a cube individual. How come? I could manually select the edges, but when e.g. arraying another level, I even only have the option to select the complete parent level. Any “trick”?

By applying the array in object mode, you have converted the array into one object. Tab into edit mode, select an edge on one cube, hit “L” to select linked, and then “P” to separate the selection from the existing object. Repeat for all cubes.Tabbing back to object mode, you should now be able to select an individual cube.

If your original object is completely joined (you select one vert and ctrl-l gets you the whole thing), there’s a button in the seperate menu § that will seperate all linked sets / vertex islands / seperate parts / whatever it’s called.