How to unlink camera

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Quick question… i have a scene with multiple camera. But, if I change the setting of one camera… like Fstop…it changes the Fstop of ALL cameras. So they are linked in some way… (ps I didnt link-duplicate them)

How can I have each camera to keep its own independent settings?

sorry for the bad title btw…

Can’t reproduce this here…
Post a .blend file (just the cameras will be enough).

Thank you for you reply… I think it has to do with the “browse camera to be linked” assignment on the camera’s tab.
But at the moment, changing 1 camera (f stop etc) will change it for al my cameras. The most annyoing thing is that I can’t set the ‘lock camera to view’ button seperately… which means that when Im using my on the fly camera (with that setting on)… and i switch to one of the camera’s that are following a path… it messes up the camera location (cause I need to uncheck the lock camera to view option, but I forget that somethimes)

practical question… How would I save the project with just the camera’s in it (like you asked). Do I put them on a seperate layer, delete the rest and then save the blend?
anyway, here is the file…

Sorry, but I still don’t see this happening. I can change all of the cameras’ parameters individually.
Also I’m not quite sure what “browse camera to be linked” means, as I don’t seem to have that setting in my camera tab.

Do you use some kind of non-default camera addon that might cause this?

Hi, this is what I mean with the 'browse camera to be linked" button

I am using the ‘real camera’ addon… but i dont think that’s causing the problem.

In that dropdown menu, next the the button I highlighed in the picture… you link multiple camera’s to the same set of settings. If 2 camer’s both have the same label from this dropdown list…the are linked and copy eachtothers settings.

So I need to find a way to give them all a seperate label…

edit: the number netxt to the dropdown…indicates the number of camera’s that are using the sames settings… Pressing the number clears it.

Im not sure if you already knew this…but this seems to be the solution to 'linked camera’s."

camera can have more then one data user
to separate just click on the user number to make it unique and independent

happy bl

Yes haha, thats what I found out just yet…thanks!