How to unlink this?..

As you can see some of my Cubes are linked to cube 153. I want them to unlink because if I press p and than Esc all my cubes are moved into cube 153.

If i press the unlink putton it says: ‘not yet’…
Does anyone know how to fix this?



Open up the IPO window and select each cube. When the IPO curve name appears, there will be a number next to it. Click the number and choose Single User? The number indicates how many objects are sharing that IPO curve. When there is no number next to the curve name, it is unique and not being shared. This sharing of IPO curves happens when you duplicate and object and your system settings are set to duplicate the IPO as well.

Ok thanks, I’ve found a other way. I don’t know what’s the best one to use but I’ve used:
Click box, press u and select (single user) object & obdata & matarials + tex.

But this a lot of work. So I think that I’ll use you way next time :slight_smile: