How to Unwrap a Gun.

Ok so i started to unwrap my gun but can’t seem to get the Maps Cleaner.

Any tips for unwrapping a gun ?
I will be using these maps in an other program so i need the maps to be Perfecly unwrap, but have been struggling with that.

Also i ran into a problem when baking the normals, and i not baking from a high poly model.
Any ideas for this happening ?


I quickly gave a look and noticed there are some bad internal face in some place, by example here :
Be sure to get rid of every internal faces before unwrapping or baking, they will always lead into bad result

Additionally, you’re not putting seams in the most usefull way, by example

Put the seams like this
instead of

so you obtain
instead of

(oh and in the unwrap type, either in the operator tab or by pressing F6 after pressing “Unwrap” change Angle Based into Conformal , usually for non-organic models Conformal produces better results, but where you have placed the seams is the most important)

For symmetrical objects use the mirror modifier so you only have to model and map one half. After you are done with the modeling apply the modifier and mirror and arrange the other half of the mapping.