How to unwrap new object matching uv/texture ratio of other objects?

Hey there,

Let’s say I have different size objects using the same set of materials: bricks, concrete and wood. All these objects are unwrapped so bricks, concrete and wood patterns would look the same size on each of them. Now, I want to create one more object using these same three materials.

How can I UV unwrap it so it would have the same uv / texture ratio. In other words - bricks, wood, concrete patterns would look identically big on newly created object as they are on already existing ones.

Of course - I could just scale my UVs manually and check how my patterns look. But isn’t there an addon or something that would help me do this more easily or even automatically?

Ideally - it would be an addon displaying uv/texture ratio right in the UV window. Once I scale the UVs - number changes. So, I would simply need to scale my UVs to match the numbers between already existing objects and new one.

This is not for rendering. It’s for exporting objects to game engine and applying textures there.
Textures are seamless, UVs are used out of texture bounds.

Yes, many thanks! UV Equalize did the trick :slight_smile: