How to unwrap roof

Ok yeah so yet an other easy question, my roof shape isn’t helping me when it comes to unwrapping it.

Any tips on unwrapping a roof perfectly ?
Appreciate any help.

Before anything, i think that instead of having quads that are non planar there :

You should make those to become triangle tris so at least the faces are planar :

Then do not hesitate to add more seams where you see the unwrap has difficulty to give you any kind of good result (in the Operator tab to or after pressing F6 just after the unwrap, be sure to select conformal instead of angle based, angle based is usually only good for organic unwrap, not sharp solid surfaces).

By example i added some more seams where it looks like it was needed from to fix the distorsions i saw during the unwrap :

Attached the example blend (only the roof and the texture packed)