How to unwrap this building?


i would map with a texture this building (the one on the right side):

I made a trial using a basic unwrap:

Using Photoshop & Illustrator, i added a texture:

But the result was bad, the texture seems blurred and i would have large tiles.

put a vertical seam do a cylinder unwrap except for the top bit, put a horizontal seam there and unwrap that like your first image.

I made a second unwrap using the cylinder projection, the uv lay out was too large so i resized it and put a texture in Photoshop.

Here’s the result: That was better but not yet what i want.

The tiles are small, too tight…

I have to test this evening a smart UV projection, but i do not know what is better.

What do you recommend please?



Here’s the smart uv lay out.

okay sorry I didnt describe that well.

maybe this will explain better. unwrap it LIKE a cylinder.


You mean something like this?

yes thats what I meant. erh does that solve your problem? youre making the london gherkin right?

I did not know the Londow Gherkin! :stuck_out_tongue: I was inspired by a indian skyscraper from New-Delhi!

Yes, thanks a lot, i guess you solve it, i 'm gonna try it. :slight_smile: I still have to learn about UV Maps, and find a logical way to work and understand “how is the texture on this shape, etc…”!

UVing isnt my favorite thing to do, I still struggle with simple things. bye

Unwrap ‘Conformal’ mode will give better results with this kind of model!

I try the solution with seams, but it did not work, that gave me a too large UV-lay out…

I’m gonna try it in conformal mode!