How to unwrap triangle faces along y axis?


first the image

I made a long object. The problem is, that I have a lot of triangle faces. Of course, “Follow Active Quads” does not work, because the faces are triangles.

Any tips?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

F3 > Tris to Quads > Unwrap (Follow Active Quads)


Tried all variations. It does not work:

I forgot to mention, that the object is not straight. Sorry.

Yeah the triangulation is far too extreme to turn into quads. And is this a tapered mesh? Then its anyhow gonna fail quickly. Texturing triangles along a tapered mesh leads to problems quickly. Generally do it with 2 curves. One for the path one for the flat line profile. ( Set that as bevel object ) Then you can much easier adjust the resolution what is also the way to fight texturing problems in this case.


I made a Bezier curve. Then added a plane and scaled it. Then used an array and curve modifier. After that I used a decimate modifier.

EDIT: Ah… ok. No it’s not tapered.

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Ok then forget that part, still try it with a curve bevel. In the properties panel under curve theres the bevel option, just in case…

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If you added a plane then no matter what it should still have the original UV
I don’t think you should use the decimate modifier…it would maintain the original plane subdivision… so something else has happened to ruin the UV and the Mesh …

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