How to update addons shipped with Blender (ubuntu)?

I’m on Ubuntu and installed it as a snap. It’s very difficult to manually delete anything in the snap folder, so I tried to update the addon through Blender. The overwrite button is ticked. However, I get the error “Multipe add-ons with the same name found! Delete one of each pair to resolve”. Apparently, it seems that Blender has 2 separate directories for add-ons (for Ubuntu at least). There’s no remove button for this add-on since it’s a community addon shipped with Blender. Before I give up on this snap installation and download directly from, does anyone have suggestions? It’s a shame. Snap had so much promise. Very easy to install and uninstall.

I also use ubuntu. You should definitely take the linux version from It’s just a packed directory that you can unzip where you want. Nothing needs to be installed for blender. So you can also work with different versions much easier. All included addons are in a subfolder of the blender directory e.g. /home/youreComputerName/programs/blender-2.82-linux64/2.82/scripts/addons All self-installed can be found at /home/youreComputerName/.config/blender/2.82/scripts/addons Consider the folder, with a point at the beginning are hidden folders . So if you install a newer version of an addon that already comes with blender, you have to delete the version at e.g. /home/youreComputerName/programs/blender-2.82-linux64/2.82/scripts/addons. Also where you find it exactly you see in preferences.
I also find snap terrible, the old package manager is still the best.

One last tip if you download the latest experimental build you also have the latest addons.
You can then simply copy the folders.