how to Update Blender 2.45 to 2.47 in ubuntu

Hello All,

My name is Theodore, I have installed blender 2.45 in unbuntu but wish to update to 2.47, i have downloaded the files required and extracted it according to instruction my only problem is that i need to copy the extracted files to the blender directory but i don’t know where that is?

I was hoping if some one could help, i have tried the ubuntu forum but with no luck please Help.


Using the File Browser go to your home folder, then under the View menu check the option Show Hidden Files. You should now be able to see a folder named .blender

Make sure to remove the older version before you install the new one, because you might accidentally open the wrong one. At most it’ll cause unnecessary confusion. Confusion is bad…

Just create a new shortcut in the menu that points to the new version afterward.

maybe this helps: